Сomponents in the aggressor`s weapon

The world`s only open database portal of foreign-produced weapon components
Thousands of electronic components, originally intended to improve lives and fuel development, are perversely repurposed by aggressors into instruments of violence. These weapons rely heavily on foreign-made components. Disrupting this supply chain is critical to impede their ability to fight, occupy and kill.
Total number:
3 175
Weapon Units
Updated: 03.06.2024
By joint efforts, we will deprive the aggressors of the ability to produce weapons for terror
What should national governments do?
  • compile a list of goods necessitating high-risk due diligence
  • ban the re-export of designated goods to Russia, Belarus, and the DRPK
What should manufacturers and distributors do?
  • form a list of products whose supplies require enhanced risk-based due diligence
  • adopt and maintain due diligence procedures incorporating recommendations, red-flags, sanctions circumvention schemes
War and Sanctions 2024